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lazywebtools and the free automatic page refresher - It's a Piece of Cake
Random Wikipedia Generator

NEW! Never be bored again, get a random Wikipedia page every 30 seconds!

Free Automatic Page Refresher

The first, the best, the most reliable free automatic page refresher on the Internet. Whether you are refreshing Gaia, NeoPets, EBay auctions, sports scores, stocks and shares or anything else, this is the page refresher for you.

Automatic Page Cycler

Why refresh one page when you can refresh lots at once? Its like the original page refresher only bigger and better!

Times Table Tutor (Updated!)

Simple and effective, learn multiplication times tables with this simple times tables tutor!

Browser Information Tool

Ever asked yourself What's my ip address?, What browser version am I using? or Do I have cookies enabled? this simple browser information tool has all the answers.

Another way to get Lazy!

Check this out! Avoid doing any work at all by using this tool to respond to people who ask you to do stuff. Its as fun and humorous as it is lazy and useful! Go to Check My Request


LazyWebTools is now offering offline versions of the refreshers. Make a donation to receive your own copy to run on your own machine.

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